Sunday is Football Day

We made it all the way back to Ohio today. We were in the car about 9 hours, and that includes a few diaper change stops. It typically takes J and I 8 hours when it's just the two of us. So it wasn't too bad, I guess. 

Sunday is what we should talk about of course. We were up around 6 am. I fed Addie and J took a shower and got dressed. We left the house around 7:15. We met the gang at the car consolidation point at 7:30. It was my first full day of being away from the girl.

We had a pretty great time at the game. I ducked into the car several times to pump. Everyone was great about that and let me be in the car, which worked out well. I had a beer at the tailgate and one during the game as well and that was it, so nothing excessive.

The Chiefs ended up winning by one point. Although that was too close for comfort, we were all excited about the win! Even Addie!


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