Speedwork Yesterday

So as I said, my planned workout yesterday included 6x 400m. I wanted to hammer out 5 total miles, but I truthfully was not sure how it was going to go. Especially with a good amount of speedwork/sprints included in there. I was going to do it on the treadmill, but then some things got a little bit messed up and I ended up feeling like I did not have time to drive all the way (ok, the 2.5 miles) to the gym. My pumping schedule was a little messed up, so I decided to run outside.

My initial outdoor plan was to just run a warm up mile, do fartleks for the next three, and then cool down for the next mile, or all the way back to the office. However long it was. But then I decided that the easiest, best thing to do was to was just keep the RunKeeper app open on my phone and try and do 400m repeats on the streets. I did not track my individual splits, because I am not sure if I can track that sort of thing with the app like do the auto lap feature of my garmin, but regardless, I completed all 6 repeats.

My recovery periods were VERY slow, especially on the 5th and 6th repeats. I even walked a little on the 5th. And my cooldown included a walk/run. I was very sweaty and a little dizzy by the end, and so walking became necessary. Tomorrow is my first long run, so I am definitely taking the pace much easier. My goal is a 10K. We will see how that all goes.

Here are the overall splits for yesterday's speedwork:
Mile 1- 9:43
Mile 2- 8:39
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 9:30
Mile 5- 10:52
Mile 0.5- 10:17

So not bad until I had to throw in some walking.

And here is a nakey baby.
She's a pretty girl who loves being a nakey baby (and who was wet when I took this picture. Please note the blue line on her diaper.)


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