Sleep is Needed

I have been having some allergy or sinus issues over the last few days. I cannot take any sinus medicine that I have found in my reading. It seems like it would pass into milk, so it is out. I can pretty much take tylenol or advil or whatever and hope that the anti-inflammatory in advil would relieve some of the pressure on my face! Cross your fingers.

We have had an intense few days, Addie and I. We have been busy and she is going through a growth spurt (and therefore working super hard to increase my supply) so there has not been a whole lot of time for other stuff it feels like. We just go from feeding to feeding and try and squeeze in a little bit of laundry and maybe a walk or a run. We have some crying (ok, a lot of crying) and a lot of intensity in the house, where J doesn't necessarily understand. He comes home from work exhausted. Which I understand, but he does not really see how I could be exhausted as well, and trust me, I am.

Not only am I exhausted, but a few others in my life are as well.
When this happened, I decided it was time for me to nap as well. So I closed my eyes for a few minutes. Even though everything seems very secure, I still get nervous with Addie sleeping in that boppy. So very little real sleep was gotten (if any). Regardless, it was nice to not have a crying baby.

Today we are leaving town around 3 pm for a long drive. We are driving all the way to St. Louis tonight, and from there to Kansas City tomorrow. I admit, I am pretty nervous about it. I have no idea what such a long car ride is going to be like for a little teeny one.


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