Rough Time with Baby

I am already feeling like we have potentially accomplished more today that I might have expected. Someone, a-HEM, Addie, starts to pout every time she drops her bink. And she drops it semi-frequently because she sucks extra enthusiastically. It's kind of funny, but at the same time, it is a little annoying. She is snuggled up in her boppy sucking away watching mom type.

We fed, pumped, got dressed, and took mom's car over to the service place to get the brakes and checked in my car. When my dad visited over the weekend, he mentioned that a sound that my car was making sounded like it could be a bearing issue. So I decided it would be worth it to take in the car, check things out, and make sure that I am ok. I don't want to drive it very far if there is anything wrong with it, plus I would not ever want to risk brakes going out. The car has about 60K miles on it, and I have never had them done. So it will be worth getting everything checked out.

After we got to the car place, I pulled the BOB out of the back (I figured out how to pack it up!) and loaded Addie into it. We live close to the car place, so that was good. We just did our walk (well, most of it) on the way home. Now we will finish our walk when we go to pick up the car later. We just got the brakes done. I need a few tires as well, but when I talked to J, we decided to do that just at Sam's Club. It will be much less pricey. At least we are hoping that it will be less pricey. If it is not, then I am just going to have to go back to the other place and have them do the work. Regardless, it is not an emergency to have that done considering I don't do much driving. I will just have to get it done soon.

There's my gal in her boppy with her bink. She has finally managed to fall asleep for the first time today, thank goodness. I don't want her to sleep the entire day away or anything, but sleeping for a little while is ok. She needed to sleep a little bit because we did not sleep last night. Definitely has been a rough few days and nights for us. Not sure what is going on with her, but it has been kind of rough. I am hoping that we get over this hump pretty soon and she stops being so whiney.

PS - look at Zeus in that picture, keeping an eye on his little sister. So cute!


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