Product Review: Oral I.V.

As a Sweat Pink/Fit Approach ambassador, I am sometimes given the opportunity to review products. Last week, I was sent a hydration product called Oral I.V. to try out. As a runner (not to mention a nursing mother!) I really need to make sure that I am properly hydrated especially in the humid weather that we are having currently here in Ohio.
From the Oral IV website:
Oral IV is a game changing approach to performance. Oral IV is a revolutionary hydration aid based on a proprietary blend of electrolytes, minerals and purified water. 
In the packet is four plastic vials holding a shot sized amount of clear liquid. The directions said to add a vial to 16 oz of water, or to just take the liquid straight, prior to or during a workout when you will need extra hydration. It has been extremely hot and humid around here lately, and Addie and I have been walking just about every day.

Before Addie and I headed out, with plans for 4.5 miles, pushing the stroller in 95% humidity, I added one of the vials to my tervis (which I have been drinking out of constantly since receiving it from a friend a week ago). Because the liquid is clear, you cannot see it in my water, and when I went to drink the water, I could not taste it either. So I was glad that there was no aftertaste or anything like that.

While out on our walk, I was definitely a sweaty mess, but I did not feel dehydrated. On earlier walks in similar conditions, I had to hunt down water fountains at parks and stuff to prevent myself from getting dizzy. But this time that did not happen. I felt good for the more than an hour that I was out in the sun.

If you are interested in trying Oral IV, go to their website to order:


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