New Challenge

So, I am to the point now where I am trying to figure out my diet, etc, in order to be back to being "me" but to still be able to provide for Addie. I truthfully am not sure what to do diet wise that will help me to get there. I am already pretty much dairy free (at least, I am trying to be) to not have any of that running into my milk in case that bothers the baby. It seems to be super common and just about everyone is off dairy these days, it seems, when they are nursing. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be helping all that much. However, when I did eat pizza with cheese earlier this week, it bothered me too (I had a really terrible day where a lot of time was spent in the bathroom). So maybe elimination of dairy is the way to go as far as that goes.

I talked to my friend Steph yesterday. Her son Lucas was born 1 week after Addie. She is also off dairy and is not sure if it helping her enough yet. She is considering eliminating gluten as well. I have to be honest, I am getting there myself. I will do anything to help the baby's tummy feel better so maybe she will not be so fussy! Obviously being gluten or dairy free is not a good technique for dieting. It would just be used to hopefully help the baby be able to digest better or something.

I am trying to find that balance between healthy and happy. When I am too strict with clean eating, I get really overwhelmed and I feel like I am missing out a lot. Missing out makes me feel bad and guilty like I am also depriving J of his fun. Granted, that is just a mental thing. Taking care of myself should not make me feel guilty, that is just likely him feeling guilty for not eating as cleanly. At least, that has been my experience in the past, like when I was training for a competition.

Strength-wise, I started Jess's (from Blonde Ponytail) #100challenge. I did 5 sets of 20 (with no rest in between) of each of squats, modified push-ups, and sit ups. It was TOUGH. But I still completed it. I went in KNOWING I had to do modified push ups (my elbow just isn't having full push ups yet), and I was able to stick to everything with no additional modifications. So it felt great to complete it. I am hoping, like Jess, that this helps me get back to where I used to be, by using fundamental full body moves like these three. I really focused on my form, especially for the squats, in order to target my rear, which has taken on some extra size since last November.

But hey, this is worth a little softness, right?


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