Motivation is Lacking

Being home feels pretty good, however, having a break from the baby was nice because everyone else wanted to see her and hold her all the time. Plus I did get to take my first day away from her and attend the Chiefs game on Sunday. That was a full day affair, where we left the house at 7:15 am and were not home until after 5. Addie drank bottles of milk I had pumped while I was gone and that worked out pretty well, I think. I am trying to get in more frequent pumping sessions, as I definitely think it is helping with supply. I have not gotten around to it yet today, but I have high hopes!

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed about running lately. I am not sure if it is a motivational lack or if it is other things. Those other things would be the fact that running with a stroller is flipping hard and that with a frequently crying baby, the treadmill is near impossible. Now I am very hopeful that I will be able to squeeze in some treadmill time for 2-3 miles today, but I am not counting on it 100%. It may or may not happen.

Right now might have been a decent time, because Addie fell asleep right after eating, but she was not asleep in a position that was very convenient for me to put her to bed (she is out in her boppy) and be able to have her in a different room (and take the monitor with me, of course!) Maybe I will get lucky later on and she will be cheerful enough to hang out in her bouncer. Cross your fingers for me, as I have a race this weekend (my first since May, my first since the broken elbow and first since the baby, and my first as a member of the Oiselle team!) It is the third race of the beer series, the Hudepohl 14K/7K. This year J and I are both running the 7K. I haven't ever run that before. So I guess I am kind of looking forward to a little bit less pressure distance wise, but I still wish that I was ready to run longer distances, faster.

J is furious right now, and I definitely do not blame him at all. He has every right to be furious. We had a scheduled appointment to get someone out here to upgrade the internet. He took the day off to be here for that. Apparently (now that we are through our 4 hour time window when they were supposed to show up) there was no appointment made, despite the fact that J had a confirmation number! He took a vacation day (rather than getting another day off at the holidays!) for this. He has been on the phone with them now for more than a half hour and he is fired up (obviously cannot blame him for this).

But here is something a little more cheerful.
This is what happens when a daddy swaddles a baby! (She is yawning)


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