Hudepohl 7K: Race Recap

Today I ran the longest distance I have run since my injury. It was my first race as a member of Team Oiselle.
It was my first race this this pretty thing entered my life.
That is what I have right next to me on the couch right now. A little princess who is asleep in her boppy after eating.

But today was the third and final race in the Flying Pig Marathon Beer Series. The first two I ran pregnant, so obviously I did not really enjoy the beer part until today.

J and I left our house around 7:10 am for the race start at 8 am. We knew we could park in the garage at his office (and park for free!) so we were not worried about getting down there too early. Plus, it was raining, so we were hoping that if we waited a little bit longer that the rain would blow over! We were right and there was a light drizzle when we arrived that was gone 100% by the time we got to the start line.

We stretched out a little bit (ok, I stretched a little, the hamstrings, and J stretched a lot!) and I made J take this picture of me.
Oiselle stellar striped tank in sky...  I was also wearing my Rogas in graphite.
There is a little bit of the Roga! As well as my favorite pink ProCompression socks. And you can see J's favorite Adidas shoes.

We both signed up for the 7K this year, despite both running the 14K last year (and me running the 14K the year before that as well). I just was not sure where I would be after the baby with my return to running. I set the goal for this race to be just to run the entire race. Other than that, I had no plans. They changed the course a little bit this year, and instead of making it a straight out and back, there were a few little out and backs and we only ran about the first mile with the 14K racers. Also, to give you an idea of some of the speed there was, the male winner of the 14K finished about 30 seconds faster than my 7K. Ha!

Here are my splits:
Mile 1 - 10:05
Mile 2 - 9:53
Mile 3 - 9:23
Mile 4 - 8:59
Mile 0.34 - 8:12

Negative split on each mile, ran the whole thing (Goal:met!) and ran a 9:28 average pace finishing in 41:28 (unofficial/per my gps). It was not the easiest race ever, but it gave me some hope that my runs are going to get easier and easier as time goes on. I still have it, I can still do it, and I have to be grateful for that.

I celebrated with a post race (pre 10 am) beverage!

Did you race today?


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