Football & exhaustion

So, J and I are in Kansas City, and of course Addie is here with us too. It is a very different kind of trip with a baby here, especially since I am her food source right now. The drive actually went shockingly well. Addie pretty much slept in the car the entire time, except when I forced her awake to feed her. In the car, I pumped and then bottle fed her what I pumped. It worked pretty well other than trying to get her to wake up.

Right now we are planning how feedings are going to go on Saturday night/ Sunday morning to allow me to feed her right before we go. I have 4 bottles ready to go for her tomorrow. My first time getting a whole day's worth ready. I will have to do that for her for daycare. 

J is next to me in the bed asleep. I am feeding her and really wishing I was laying down. But probably it will not be for awhile. Oh baby feeding. 

It was a good day in Kansas City in general. We had a nice day. We went to a team shop and got Addie some Chiefs gear. She's all ready for tomorrow's game now. I also got myself a new hoodie and J a new pullover. We are all set.

It is almost midnight and we have to meet everyone around 7:30 in the morning. I'm so tired that I am tempted to skip the game and just sleep. But I won't do that, of course.


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