Feeling Like a Person

It is ten minutes before 7 am right now. I have been up since ten after 5. In addition, I was up repeatedly all night with a baby who just could not get comfortable. I am not sure what was going on with her last night, but her sleep was NOT good. Therefore, neither was mine. I have managed to get her to sleep now, on the couch, next to me, in her boppy, and I will take it. Sleep is sleep at this point. But of course, now it is daytime (well, kind of) so sleep is not for me right now.

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already, and I am back to work next Monday. It is truly sneaking up on me. I am struggling with  breastfeeding right now as well, because pumping all weekend was rough on my nipples. Seriously, I am hurting. Not to mention the fact that yesterday Teek managed to undo the zippers and destroy some of the plastic parts to the pump. I went out and got some replacements last night, so hopefully they work fine with the pump. I am admittedly a little bit nervous because my pump is one sold by medical supply companies, so it is not the same as the one that is sold at Target or Buy Buy Baby. The big difference is that it is not in such a pretty bag as that one.

I am trying something with Addie right now, based on the BabyWise book that I read. I know she is full. I know her diaper is clean and I know she is exhausted, so I am letting her cry a little bit, just to see if she falls asleep on her own.

She ended up not sleeping, and the day has been pretty busy as it is now 3:20 pm, so obviously a lot has happened since I started this post this morning. But I am feeling more human now, which is really huge for me.

How did I get to this state of humanity you ask? My friend Carol came over because she wanted to take pictures of Addie. She is working on her photography business and she has not taking pictures of a baby yet. So she will be adding pics of Addie to her portfolio, and I get some great pics in the process. With her being so teeny, most of the pics are more "newborn" like shots (she is still under 8 lbs. Lots of new borns weigh as much or more than her!), but they will still be beautiful, I think! In addition, she told me to leave and run and then take a shower. So now I feel almost like a person again. How exciting for me!

I don't have any pictures yet, but I promise once I get them, I will post them.

Today's run was on my own (no baby) and I went outside. It seems like so far I am either running outside with the stroller, or inside on the treadmill. It went pretty well. I will go into details on tomorrow's post, but it was the longest run (with NO WALKING) I have done so far. So I am pretty happy with it. It felt pretty hard, but good too, and I am so glad I was able to get out and get the run in. It was so wonderful to be able to run again.


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