Back to "Real" Life - aka My New Normal

Well, today is a pretty big day in the life of Emily. I am back at work. I am currently sitting at my desk, writing my back to work (holy smokes!) entry. I am definitely struggling with the fact that I was already out of work for 6 weeks and I have a 6 week old baby that I have been living with and starting to raise already! It is just amazing to me.

Regardless, I am back at the office and missing my gal. I knew I would though. Here we are getting ready for school/work today!
And here she is pondering the thought of being away from Mommy.
If you cannot tell, that pattern on her outfit is the same as the outfit we brought her home in, 6 weeks and one day ago. So for comparison...

Geez, and I think she is a peanut now! Look at my little 6 lb girl!

And yes, today's entry is going to be focused on me being back at work, and Miss A going to school for the first time. It is definitely something that I am going to be thinking about for the majority of the day. I have everything set up for me to be pumping at work (every three hours!) and they told me I can call and check in as well as stop in to see her whenever I want. So I guess I just need to be confident that I have done all of the best things for her. They were holding her and rocking her when I left, so I felt better almost right away.

I am determined to have a good day at work, even though I know that it will not be a productive one. I need to take advantage of having the day to myself and getting a run in at lunchtime (honestly, pretty darn excited!) and being able to focus on writing this entry without needing to attend to my crying girl. (Gosh, I miss her!) Today is the official first day of my 6 week Indy training plan, so there will be 4 days of running for sure. I am feeling good about my running progress, so as of now, I would say that I am planning on running it.

Wish me luck back at it!


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