Back at Running (Finally!)

I gave up running during pregnancy earlier than I had planned on for sure. I planned on running up until the day I gave birth. Instead, at 28 weeks, I fell, broke my elbow, and was forced to stop for the safety of the baby. It might not have been because of being pregnant (it was definitely a fluke accident), but I certainly did not want to risk anything. If I have another baby, I am hoping to keep running longer than 28 weeks, but I am definitely going to stick to the treadmill and likely give up racing. That will help.

I say that now... We'll have to see what happens when/if the time comes.

On Sunday, I did my first run. I am sure that you saw that in my weekly recap from yesterday. It went pretty well, although a 9:30-ish pace was definitely more difficult than it used to be. But that is to be expected at this point in time. My thought with running is that it would be kind of where I left off. I know that I would not be at the place I was BEFORE pregnancy (sub 7 miles for a 5K!) but I was hoping I would be able to hang out at around 9:30-9:45 pace when running on my own with no baby/stroller.

On Monday, I had plans for my first run with my Columbus Marathon training partner from a year ago, Karen. Now, Karen and I have obviously been running together since then, and we have been walking together since I gave birth a few days per week, so that has been great as well. But yesterday, we were planning on tackling the stroller run. Karen has been running with her BOB since her son Bradley was born last June. She is super speedy and has won age group in races against non-stroller runners with her stroller. I have a long way to go before I am that awesome.

Our run yesterday was really tough. My plan was to walk one mile, then run three, easy. I was not going to stress about pace at all, since I had no idea what it was going to be like with the stroller. The answer is... hard as hell. I was HURTING. We made it about 1.85 miles before I had to stop and walk. We ended up doing 4 miles (plus one additional mile that we just walked in the beginning), run/walk style. I ended up getting over 3 miles run in total though, which I was proud of, so I guess I achieved the goal?

Have you ever run with a stroller?


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