A Planned Workout, and Awesome Baby

Well well well. Yesterday did not end up going as originally anticipated. I guess going out to lunch is not necessarily a positive thing, when lunch is the only time I have available for a workout!

Needless to say, yesterday I did not get in the little bit of crosstraining from an at home crossfit workout that I wanted. I guess I can get that done on Sunday instead of a rest day, and call yesterday my rest day? I know she will take a nap for at least an hour on Sunday. I should be able to use that time! At least, I like to think I will be able to use that time.

Today I have some speedwork on the schedule. The planned workout is a warm up, 6x 400m with a 400m recovery and a cooldown. I am going to the gym at lunch to hammer through the workout on the treadmill so I can control my pace. The tentative plan is to do the 400m at around an 8 min/mile pace, but we will see how that feels. I know technically I am supposed to probably do them fast than that, but I am going to be pretty new to be back at speed work. So that is better than nothing at this point, I think!

Today is Addie's 4th day at school already. And my 4th day back to work. It is hard for me to believe how fast time is flying!
There she is this morning. She wore her owl outfit from Karen to school today. It is a size newborn, and it is completely freaking me out because her newborn clothes are all starting to get a little bit snug. She has not even worn them all yet, so we are trying to work through them now, so I can at least say that she wore them once before we had to put them away.

Carol did not have the complete pictures when I had lunch with her yesterday. She had some paying gigs to edit photos for, so I figure it is fair for those to take priority. However I do have a few more samples that I can share. Well, I will just share one, so as to not overwhelm you with her awesome-ness.
Hopefully I will have the full load soon, I really want to get a bunch printed!


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