2 years

I have been so overwhelmed with being a new mom that I didn't even talk last week about how she got here. Yes, I know what you are thinking, and no, not that, that is not what I meant.

Last Tuesday, J and I reached another relationship milestone. It was our two year anniversary. August 27.
Our wedding day, outside of Tony Packo's. The downtown Toledo bar that we stopped at to have a beer in between the wedding and the reception, lots of fun pictures, etc, happened around here. We also ran into some friends of my dad that we ended up inviting to come to the reception when we saw them. Because why not?

It was absolutely one of the most fun, best days ever.

The second anniversary traditional gift is cotton, so I went "cotton-esque" for the gifts I bought for J. I got him a new tempurpedic pillow (not cotton, but some pillows are!), an Ohio State shirt that I knew he wanted, and a new Chiefs hoodie. So the shirts were both cotton-blend, and I knew he would love them.
The gifts I got J. Thank goodness for a million baby showers this summer, which has left me with lots of gift bags to use! At least that one with the owls on it is blue AND pink. I have gotten a ton of pink gift bags.

J got me a long sleeved running shirt from Athleta, a hoodie from lululemon, and a few frames with pics of the baby in them for my desk at work. I plan on bringing them over to the office when I go to visit and bring Addie with me to meet everyone! I was originally planning on doing that this week, but now I am leaning toward next week since this week has been hectic.

Happy Anniversary J! Here's to lots more!


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