Working on a Schedule

I am slowly feeling more and more normal. I think getting back into the routine of regular life is helping. I don't have any guests this week staying here - and while my mom was a HUGE help, it makes adjusting to doing things on my own pretty tough. And this week J is back to work full time. Granted, yesterday he was at a golf outing all day, but it was still an all day function. He got home about 7. So we are working on adjusting to our new life, alone. Granted, soon enough it will be daycare, but for the next three and a half weeks, it is me and Addie, enjoying each other's company and just hanging out.

We try and get in a walk every day. Do some tummy time (about 8 minutes, twice a day right now). Spend some time in the swing or bouncer and the boppy. Lots of feeding and diaper changing. We are getting there. We have had some tough days (yesterday) and tough nights (Sunday into Monday).

Yesterday we got out and went for a walk. We went 4.3 miles in 1:10:04, which is a 16:17 average pace. Since I am not running yet, we are not really seeing negative splits yet. So here they are:
Mile 1: 15:54
Mile 2: 16:06
Mile 3: 16:17
Mile 4: 16:49
Mile 0.3: 16:27

We walked all by ourselves. It was the longest walk we have done solo. It actually was great. I definitely got terribly sweaty and stuff (ugh, hormones), and Addie was warm as well. It was a hot day! But we worked hard to stay on some kind of schedule yesterday, so I am pleased with us, for sure.
Not to worry, all, Addie might be my girl, but she will always be Daddy's girl too. I love her, even when she makes me cry.


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