Working at 40+ Weeks Pregnant

Another pre-written post for all of you (written on Wednesday, August 7 - no baby as of that moment!)

Most people I know, including my coworker Maureen, have a set day that they are starting their maternity leave, whether they have the baby by then or not. Maureen's last day was Friday the 2nd, and she had a scheduled c-section on the 7th. My other friend and former coworker is taking 3 weeks off before her due date, that way she can have lots of time to do her nesting, and at home baby prep stuff, so admittedly that seems smart!

My plans are slightly different however. I planned on staying at work until the last possible minute. After all, my company does not offer maternity leave beyond your short term disability, which pays 60% for 6 weeks of leave (or 60% for 8 weeks, if I have a C-section). I plan to use vacation/sick time hours to get myself up to 100% pay, which is fine, but that means, I am hanging in the office until it is hospital time (note: I have plenty of vacation, but I want to carry over the full 40 hours I am allowed for a "real" family vacation next year, I am taking time off at Christmas so Addie and I can stay in Toledo for a few days while J works, and we are hoping for our normal long November weekend in Vegas as usual). So I COULD leave now, I assume, and still have enough time to do those things, but if she gets sick and can't go to daycare or whatever...  better safe than sorry.

So for several weeks I have been living with this as my main view for 8-9 hours per day.
And yes, Blogger on the screen rather than a standard spreadsheet of some kind. There is not a whole lot of spreadsheet action going on.

I transitioned the majority of my work to a temp, all the way back in the beginning of July. Little by little I taught him the tasks that I do daily, weekly, monthly, and as needed. And for several weeks now, I have just been working to put out fires on an as needed basis. It has been really hard to see all of my hard work, all of the things that are processes that I created myself, done by someone else. Not to mention the fact that pregnancy brain has taken over my head COMPLETELY causing me to make stupid mistakes on the few things that I do still do (like lose an AMEX card right in front of me, instead of giving it to the person who needed it!) Ugh. I HATE looking like an idiot.

Regardless, I have managed to get all of my work transitioned as well as felt pretty comfortable that folks know what they are doing enough to close the month of August without me. And I taught the staff some new things, so she can help out with that, which will be really nice for her. Additional responsibilities and all...  :) I guess that is what this is all about, right?


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