Today is the Day!

As is my routine right now, this morning I open up my "What to Expect" app, and I am greeted with this lovely sight.
"Today is the Day!" HA! Stupid app. Stupid phone.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't hopeful that I would have gone into labor last night. But I would be lying if I said that I have not hoped for that CONSTANTLY since I was 37 weeks/considered full term, and it has not happened yet. Between that, and J being certain that I was going to go early, I think we jinxed ourselves. Because now here I am at 40 full weeks with no signs of being done!

Hanging in there at 40 weeks pregnant, still making it into the office every day. And yes, I am still pretty little for 40 weeks, I guess that is why I get to have another ultrasound on Thursday (if we make it that far!) I figure at that point, I need to be prepared to NOT leave without a baby on that day. There is definitely a chance that they would just send me across the walkway from the Medical Office Building (where the doc's office is located) to the hospital where I will be delivering. I am seeing Dr. White Thursday, who is probably my least favorite of the doctor's that I see, but it's not like I hate him or something, so it will be fine.

After going out to eat the other night, J and I stopped at DQ (this is a habit I am REALLY going to need to break once the baby comes!) and I went to get us Blizzards while J went into the Walgreens next door. He came out with presents for his wifey/baby mama!
Two bags of sour worms (my favorite always, extra favorite during pregnancy!) and a notebook with owls on it. He told me it was for my new "List Book" (yes, I walk around with about 6 notebooks where I track stuff!) The man clearly loves me, even though I am going to need to eat those gummies soon, because I'm quitting the regular (well, more regular) consumption on them SOON. I am determined to get a handle on my food intake and start being on task when the baby gets here.

I have been decent about my diet while pregnant, but as a general rule, I could use more veggies and less sugar. So that is the goal.

Think of me this week!


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