Random Facts

I really enjoy reading about other bloggers, especially those who are into the same things as I am (running, lifting, books, trying new foods/experimenting in the kitchen, balance, etc) when they are writing about their every day lives or random things that make them who they are. In the spirit of that (and the fact that I am working hard to schedule some posts so I can enjoy a little baby time without slacking off!), I wanted to write one of those "random things" posts.

So here you go - 10 random facts about Emily!

1. I went to Catholic school from pre-K all the way through my freshman year of college at Xavier University here in Cincinnati. I transferred to Bowling Green in Northwest Ohio after that, to be closer to my family (oh homesickness...) Catholic school was pretty nice. :)

2. My dad came out in the winter of 2008 (I had to go back to facebook and look at pictures from that time to see what year it was). I know that nothing about the decision to do that was easy for him, but it has not been easy on ANY of us.

3. I have always been into exercise, in high school I could definitely be found doing crunches and things like that while watching TV, I played sports early in high school and danced a lot later, but it was not until college that "gym" exercise became a reality for me.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggs, but have really only been eating them for less than two years. It was my New Year's Resolution/goal (well, one of them) for 2012 and now I can't believe that they used to gross me out!

5. I am not a chocolate person. Vanilla is way more my bag.

6. I moved away from my family when I moved back to Cincinnati in 2005, and honestly, have very few regrets about it. Now that I am this far, I don't think being further would be too much of a problem (I like to push J for St. Louis).

7. I prefer more bland foods, with the exception of Mexican. I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. For instance, one of my favorite meals is PLAIN grilled chicken (not even salt/pepper), plain brown rice cooked in water, and plain green beans (again, no salt/pepper or olive oil!). Not sure why, but that's how I like it.

8. I really never considered kids or being a mom until J and I started dating. I guess that is what happens when you meet the right person?

9.While J and I love love love Mios and Dewey's (two Cincinnati pizza places that are more "gourmet"), I prefer $5 hot-n-ready pepperoni from Little Caesars. Yumm-o! J would absolutely disagree with me.

10. I had aspirations of looking for a job where you can just drink coffee and read books. Unfortunately, I am not really sure of any kind of jobs where that is possible. So instead, I am an accountant!

What is something random about you?


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