Rachie's Visit!

My sister came down on Saturday with her husband Chris. They just stayed overnight. They did not even stay at our house! I was a little sad about that, but I think that they were trying to have a little bit of a vacation, and staying in our guest room next door to a newborn would not exactly be like any kind of vacation, overnight or not. She does cry a bit, she is a newborn. I guess I can see that.

We had plans to hit up the Taste of Blue Ash, and then grill for dinner. J got some chicken breasts marinating in his famous Asian style marinade (homemade). We also picked up some asparagus and zucchini to grill for our dinner. We like grilling veggies at our house! We'll have chips and salsa as well. And I have an angel food cake, strawberries, and cool whip for a little play on strawberry shortcake. Plus, it's pretty freaking delicious. I will be skipping the cool whip though, just in case there are traces of milk in it, since I am cutting the dairy to see if it helps with Addie's fussiness.

I was super excited to see my sister and have her meet Addie. I haven't seen Rachie since my shower in Toledo (Memorial Day weekend), and that seems like a really long time ago. Admittedly, I was feeling a little bit nervous because of everything that is going on with her own desires to have a baby. That is why I was so upfront with her from the beginning, telling her that I was pregnant before we even told our parents! I wanted her to have time to get used to it and adjust so even if she was feeling jealous or envious, she would ultimately be happy. And it worked out well. I can't wait for things to work out for her though, so Addie can have a cousin of her own!

Addie is resting up for Aunt Rachie's visit! J dressed her that morning, figuring that particular onesie was the correct one for her to wear on that day. I think he is probably right. :) I sent a pic to Rachie in advance, even though I was tempted to wait and just surprise her when she got here, but I couldn't resist. I was pretty excited to see her in this outfit. It made me smile. This picture also makes me smile.
Snuggles waiting for Aunt Rachie to arrive!


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