Post Baby WORKOUT Plans

I let you in the other day on my running plans, and the way I plan to get ready to hit a half marathon in early November, but I really want to keep my life a little bit more balanced with OTHER kinds of fitness than I have for the past two years. Running has kind of been my everything, and I have truly missed my first love... the weight room.

Joining Tina's Best Body Bootcamp definitely was helpful up to the point where I broke my elbow, so I am going to definitely continue to do those workouts. I have not done ANY from this round because of being mega-preggo, plus not having the arm strength or balance to be able to do so many things. So I have 8 weeks of workouts that I can jump right into until the next round starts! (although I am sure she has plans for the next round even before my 8 weeks of workouts are up!

I have also always wanted to do Jamie Eason's LiveFit. I am guessing that she is likely going to be doing this herself, as she too is going to be getting back to intense workouts post-baby. (Speaking of which, do any of you other fitness fanatics who are as obsessed with her as I am know if she HAD the baby? I haven't seen anything on facebook or twitter yet!)
SourceI am not sure yet if that is going to be doable because of running, but I have always wanted to do it full on, following all of the rules and restrictions around it. I do know (based on my research) that there will be PLENTY of calories consumed on that plan to breastfeed though, so no worries about that.

Other than that, it will likely be a lot of DVDs while I am on leave, followed by LUNCHTIME focused workouts, so I do not have to worry about trying to fit in a workout when I should be spending time with J or Addie.

Full time working moms - how do you make it all work?


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