Post Baby Run Plans, the beginning

So, as you know, I stopped running during my pregnancy (for the most part, although not entirely) after I fell and broke my elbow. I knew that the balance was clearly off, and while that stinks, I have to do what is necessary to ensure that Addie comes into this world healthy and without any more trauma. Let's be honest. surgery, physical therapy, a heavy duty brace, lots of swelling, etc, is probably more trauma than the average unborn baby goes through.

It was a long haul to get that thing healed, and I think we are in pretty good shape, finally, and with her impending birth (post written August 6 - no baby yet!), I should be able to get back to running in fairly short order after I get the doctor's clearance. I am still nervous, so I plan on doing a good amount of runs on the treadmill at the gym or my house, but I will be running soon enough.

Which is a good thing, because I have the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon to train for.Well, the half, anyway. The race is the first weekend of November, and I am hoping that my fitness level can carry me through a half, just getting a finish under my belt. (Originally, I hoped to PR this race, but knowing when I am going to deliver - aka, not yet - and not knowing how long it will be before I am cleared to run is tentatively allowing me only 6 weeks-ish to train for this race. A PR is not necessarily in site at this point.)

So I have come up with a 6 week plan to get me in shape for a finish. I am incorporating tempo work AND track work, as I miss them both, but track workouts are TBD as of right now. I will be running on the track on those days for sure, but not sure what the pace will be. And the goal tempo is going to be 8:30s. Here is my plan.
As you can see, I am giving myself the opportunity to start off easily with a 4 mile long run in the first week and only 12 total miles. I should be able to start at that point, I would think.

You think I can do it?


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