#Oiselle_Team LOVE

So thanks to Paulette, my Ohio running friend from Just Keep Running, I decided to apply for Team Oiselle for the 2013-2014 season.

I discovered Oiselle a while back in the hunt for running shorts that would work for a runner that had quads like a soccer player. I am not built like a runner at all, I am built like an athlete, and despite trying tons of different brands and cuts of shorts, running shorts constantly ride up on me, which honestly, is pretty darn annoying. I was drawn to Oiselle's Roga short for it's wider waistband (hello no muffin top!) as well as it's nice comfy fabric. I had high hopes when I ordered my first pair on a whim (read: a little extra $$ in my account at the time). Since then, I have ordered 3 more pair.
There I am in the graphite rogas I ordered during the #RogaRevolution a few months back. They held up QUITE well, even throughout my pregnancy! I have worn them regularly, when I was still running (up to the elbow break) and now just for walking, the elliptical, and Jillian workouts. They are comfy and still don't ride up even with the extra meat on my thighs that apparently Addie needs! My poppy colored pair are in my gym bag right now, waiting to hit the elliptical!

After the roga, I also ordered a bum wrap, Oiselle's version of a running skirt. It has made several race appearances, and I really love it. It was my go-to pregnancy running bottom once it got warm enough for bare legs this spring.
The bum wrap in Vegas, running the RocknRoll half in early December.
The bum wrap Flying Pig weekend, as I prepared to run the Little Kings Mile, the first race of marathon weekend.
And a third time, at 28 weeks pregnant, running the Flying Pig 5K (my last completed race, as the very next weekend I fell running a 5K).

My Oiselle love knows no bounds, and I have cemented my relationship with my rogas, and so I am very proud to announce that I now RUN FOR OISELLE.
What does this mean? It means I am living a philosophy that the other Oiselle team members are passionate about, it is not just a sport, it is a life philosophy. And one that I religiously subscribe to! Once we are all formally added to the team, you can find out about any or all of us here.

And if you have any questions about the apparel, you can ask me, I am a LOVER of it, and will definitely let you know!


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