More of the Waiting Game

Sunday afternoons without Addie (and preparing for Addie to come) are definitely boring. We don't do much right now because we are pretty much feeling like we are in a constant holding pattern, waiting for her to come.

I really did not want this blog to talk about nothing but my pregnancy, and I would say that up until the past few weeks, I have been pretty successful with that, but then I hit "full term" and my life became what feels like a constant waiting game. Not much has been going on with us these days, and my phone is filled up with a million questions of "how are you feeling?" "Is the baby coming yet?" I guess you could say that I am getting used to it and taking it in stride? Or at least, I am trying to.

I know that my life is rather focused on the baby. But I guess that is to be expected.

Tomorrow is my due date. I am struggling to believe that we have gotten this far. I have been pregnant for something like 275 days according to the Baby Bump app (which I check obsessively everyday), which seems like a very long time. I am nervous about the fact that we have to have another ultrasound, as I said on Friday, but I guess that it is what it is, at this point.

The dogs seem to be sensing something going on. Even Teek, who normally doesn't pay any attention to me, her daddy is her main focus, has been extra snuggly with Addie and I both.
She has been on me or next to me pretty much full time, which I have to admit, has been very nice. She is a good girl, and I am glad to have her close by.


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