Friday Afternoon Walking

Yesterday, Karen came over while her sister was at physical therapy. That put her in the Montgomery area, so she and Bradley decided to come over and go for a walk with Addie and I. I have been trying to go for a walk many times a week, and yesterday made 4 times. That felt pretty good.

Karen walked with us on Monday as well, but she had only an hour. I am not as speedy as I was pre-baby when I am pushing the stroller, so we only made it about 2.5 miles in the time allotted. Apparently physical therapy was going to be about two hours yesterday, and she drove over with Bradley (she ran over on Monday) so that gave us even more time. Karen told me straight away that she could walk further this time because she did have more time.

I was pleased that she thought that, as I felt like I needed to get a longer walk in to feel good. Here is what we did.
So glad to hammer through 4.5 miles. We even got through them at under 17 minutes per mile. I was definitely pleased with this walk. Plus, I got a chance to talk to my running buddy (well, without the running part) about being a mommy and other stuff that I am sure she has wanted to talk about for a year, and until now, I didn't have any way to relate to the things that she wanted to talk about. But now, things are different.

I am honestly loving being a mom so far. And I am glad to have women like Karen and Katie to talk to about it.

We had a wonderful walk, and I got super sweaty. I think the hormonal changes of nursing and giving birth and stuff have made me be even sweatier than I was before giving birth (and I was pretty sweaty previously). Does anyone know anything about that? Is that a normal occurence?

Oh, and to go with the pic I posted of Lady A in her boppy yesterday, this was going on in the boppy today.


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