Cincinnati Marathoning News

So I tend to watch NBC every morning. I watch the local station up until 7 am and then I am a big TODAY Show person. Not entirely sure what made me decide that Channel 5 was the way to go, but now I am hooked, I guess. So every day between 6:30-ish and 7:20-ish, that is what I am doing while I hang out with the dogs and eat my breakfast (lately that has been oatmeal or protein waffles which I made over the weekend and froze).
(recycled pic - just as delicious)

Tuesday morning, I was quite glad to have selected Channel 5, as they were the ONLY ones reporting a story that has special meaning to me. Cincinnati is preparing to submit a bid to the Olympic Committee to host the Olympic Marathon Trials. You can see the article and news story here. Sounds like Ryan Hall is headed here next week to help the Flying Pig team work on mapping out a course for the trials to attach to our city's bid. It would be awesome for that to come here.

And not to worry, I offered up my tour guide services to Ryan this morning, via twitter.
I will let you know if he chooses to take me up on that offer. Ha!

So, hopefully in the coming years, everyone who is interested in the marathon, will be aware of Cincinnati and their spot in this world. The bid is due to the Trial Committee on the 15th of August, and we do not yet know when the announcement of which city is selected will be made, but you bet your butt I want it here!


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