Back to Heavier Dumbbells - Finally

Yesterday I decided that I was going to go for a shorter walk. Well, in reality, Addie helped me decided that by filling her diaper about a mile into the walk. So yes, at that point in time, we turned around. I guess when you have a baby, you have to be flexible, right? At least, that is what I am trying to teach myself. It is not easy for this type A, completely inflexible gal.

Speaking of which, I am hoping to make a decision relatively soon about today's walk. It is crazy oppressively humid outside already, and as I am typing this it is only 6:26 am. I let the dogs out this morning and it just felt terrible out there! But I really want to go for a walk with A today since we cut yesterday's short. I guess I can see how morning feedings go. That might work.

Since the workout got cut short yesterday, I decided to throw in some strength training. My body really needs some of that. I am not super happy with the progress I have made, considering I have been working out every day. I am sure that a good amount of it is about breastfeeding and therefore holding on to some fat. I am pretty sure that the OTHER part (the one I have control over that I have been pretty lousy about) is food. I have been eating enough (but not too much) to support breastfeeding, but I certainly have not been eating great foods.

Regardless, I did a leg and core circuit yesterday, that really beat me.
I finally busted out some of my heavier dumbbells for the first time in ages. Using the 12 lb-ers felt great. This morning, I am feeling pretty sore in the high hamstring area. I guess that means that I did those straight legged deadlifts properly (I am like 99% sure that is what is causing the soreness, since those were something that I did not do after I broke my elbow, and squats have been a regular occurrence.)

Did you have a good workout yesterday?


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