Avoiding some Responsibilities

Nothing. I am assuming at this point that we will definitely be at our doctor's appointment tomorrow morning (39 weeks, 5 days) and more than likely, I am going to make it all the way to my due date. *sigh* I was really feeling like maybe I could go early. After all, some of my friends have! (Which is probably why I don't get to go early.) Lame.

J felt a contraction last night, I think. Well, my tummy definitely got really tight and hard all over, so I would say that is a contraction? Haha. No pain though, so was it real? I have no idea... It is amazing to me that I am here in the midst of it, and I truly have no idea what I am looking for. It does make me a little nervous, as I have one coworker who said she only knew that she was having a contraction (even right before she was supposed to push!) because she was hooked up to a monitor - and she had no epidural, so that is not the reason for that. I had another coworker who said that she just woke up in the middle of the night feeling "funny" so she went into the hospital and it was time to push before she could even get her pants off! So I know that all of these things are possible, but at the same time, I still have her held up pretty high.

Mom, I think you need to know something....
I REALLY need a haircut.

I have been putting off his (and Teek's) grooming because I am not sure what is going to be going on with me on any given day at this point, so I was nervous to have to cancel something. But look at the poor little guy. He can hardly even see right now! He's my little pumpkin. Sometimes when I am at work lately, I feel sad that I am not home with those guys. If I am starting to feel like that about my dog, its going to be BAD when Addie gets here!

Yesterday's workouts were good. Jillian's 30 Day Shred was done when I got home from work. I seriously dread doing it every day that I plan to do it. And then I remember, it is only 25 minutes. I will survive. I also walked around the building for a mile. I keep hoping that the walking/squatting/jumping is going to bring a baby, but not so far...


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