Addison's Birth Story - Part 2

Where we left off, I had been given some Ambien (and J had not) to get some sleep while my Cervidal was doing what it needed to do over night. Every four hours a nurse came in to check on me and take my vitals. I, for whatever reason, am used to this? As soon as I heard someone (even the first time) I stuck out my arm and opened my mouth. I guess I just had some kind of sense of what they were needing to do, right off the bat?

We slept fitfully. I was cramping a little teeny bit, and J just was not too comfortable on that pull out chair. I can't say I blame him for that. At 8:30 the next morning, my new nurse (the day shift nurse) came in to remove the Cervidal and then Dr. Roberts came in to check my progress. I was at 1.5 cm after that whole night. And I was definitely feeling a little down to only have made a half cm of progress after an entire night of meds! Dr. Roberts told me the two options that she could think of, 1. put in another dose of cervidal (another 8-10 hours) and see where we are at then. 2. She could break my water and then we could start pitocin. I know that they were trying to avoid pitocin if possible, but I had no idea what the better choice was at this point. I told her, "You are the doctor, and I completely trust you." She is the favorite of mine in the entire practice, so it is true, I do completely trust her.

She said that if it was her (and she is a mom, who had small babies and therefore was less worried about me measuring small), she would do the water break. I nodded and agreed, and we got all set up in my bed to do that. Water proof pad under my butt, and she got her little tool out. I swear, I think that the instrument that is used to break water looks like a really long crochet hook. Has anyone else seen these and agree with me? I did not have much fluid when they broke it, which I think is part of what they were worried about. I could feel it though, it was strange. The nurse told me then that the doctor would be back when it was time, and she would be back in about 20 minutes with the pitocin. They had to wait 30 minutes after breaking my water to start that drip. They also brought me a heating pad and a small bit of pain meds just to take the edge off from the cervidal left in my system (which was causing nasty cramping).

By the time they came back, they decided to check me, because they could see regular contractions on my monitor. I was up to 3.5 cm and regularly contracting. At that point they decided that we did not need to do pitocin after all. Breaking my water just took care of jump starting my labor and I was rolling. They called for the epidural for me, and one of the nurses helped me to the bathroom. My labor was quickly progressing, and I was starting to feel it. I had to use the restroom, and sitting on the toilet, being squatted down and having my legs kind of spread felt really good. The nurse left me for a minute to go and get me an exercise ball to labor on, because that would leave me in that same position.

I sat on the ball for another three contractions (at this point it already felt like I had no break between them), and the woman with the epidural arrived. They checked me before giving it to me, and I had already progressed to 5.5, and we had already reached kind of the last minute for me to get an epidural. So I received it, and had a few contractions during the time they were working to put it in, which was kind of awful because I was trying so hard to hold still.  But as soon as the numbing shot was in I started to feel a little bit better. And eventually I was able to be in bed and the contractions were simply pressure. It definitely felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. After about a half hour, they checked again and I was at 8.5 and they knew that the rest would be no time at all.

So the nurses went to give Dr. Roberts some warning, and they got me set up on my side to do some practice pushes. They had me do three sets of a 6 count pushing. J was on one side of me and a nurse on the other and a nurse at the end... After doing this twice, the nurse stopped me, saying that the baby's head was right there, so I better stop for a minute and they were going to get the doctor. Beth, the nurse, came back and said that Dr. Roberts said to hold on, as she was delivering another baby so DON'T PUSH for 10 minutes. Haha.

She got there eventually, got herself set up, told me how excited she was because she had already delivered 4 babies that morning and they were all boys. This was going to be her first girl of the day. (Also, keep in mind, it is just after noon, and this is her 5th baby, and she is NOT the only doctor that is there, just the only doctor from my practice. It must have been a busy baby time!) The nurses got me into position and lowered the big light and mirror from the ceiling for the doctor, and we got started.

3 of those 6 count, 3 set pushes later, and Addison was here! It was truly the most unreal experience of my life. And a love began...


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