Addie's Birth Story - Part 1

So Addison Rose Nickles was born on August 9, at 12:43 pm. You all know that part already. The part that  you do not know is how we got there. I wrote a few entries on the 8th, even said that they were on the 8th, and that pretty much NOTHING was going on yet, and I had a doctor's appointment that day at lunchtime. That was the last "real" update that I wrote, other than announcing her birth (which I think I didn't get around to posting until Sunday? Times are tough around here remembering what day it is and stuff). So in celebration of the fact that I will be a mother to a 1 week old TOMORROW (WTF?), I figure I should get on here and give you all the lowdown on Addie's birth, as I have a story VERY unique to the other blogger birth stories I have read.

So one week ago, August 8, I met J down in Clifton around lunchtime for my doctor's appointment. They were going to do another ultrasound since I was still measuring small and we were at over 40 weeks. They just wanted to check and make sure my fluid was still good, etc. When they did that at 36 weeks, they just determined that we were small, and there were no reasons to worry, etc. I was definitely making an effort to remain calm about the whole thing, and not worry too much (internally, I was a train wreck, scared out of my mind, wondering why she hadn't decided to make her appearance yet.) But you gotta make some efforts to relax, otherwise, she might know that I was feeling stressed and be stressed herself!

They called us back for the ultrasound first, and we had a different tech than the first two ultrasounds. This woman was much less personable, so she was not really talking me through it, describing what she was seeing, etc, like the other woman had. And when you have that going on, and someone is not really reassuring you, you definitely start to get nervous. I went into the doctor next, and he kind of reviewed what he was seeing with us. He didn't see any deterioration of my placenta yet, I still had some fluid, etc, but he suggested that I be induced. I told him that was fine, because it was my plan to put my foot down about this, and I wanted to be induced by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

He chuckled a little at this point, and I looked up at him. He said, "I was thinking today." He did my internal exam and told me that he thought the baby felt bigger than she was showing on the ultrasound, so he was not too worried about that. I told him that I was agreeable to induction, but was there something wrong, something that I should be worried about that is why we were inducing immediately? He said no, not at this point, so it is really more preventative than anything, just to make sure that we were not missing anything. He asked me to head to the waiting room, and he would talk with one of the nurses who would set me up with what time to head to the hospital. That made me a little anxious, as I just assumed he would be sending us across the walkway right over to the hospital (the office is in an attached building). The nurse came out and told us 10 pm that night, and gave us some instructions on how to get to labor and delivery. We went home for the rest of the day to relax and get ourselves as prepared as possible.

We called my parents to let them know what was going on, and at 9:15 we left keys to our house for my folks, and headed to the hospital. We got checked in easily, I assume this is different than some women's experience because I just walked on up to the room with J, carrying one of our bags myself. No contractions, no pain, just hanging out getting nervous about what was coming next. I assumed that shortly after I got into my room and got into my gown, they would be coming in and getting me hooked up to a pitocin drip, after all, that is what I think of when I think induction.

I got into my gown, some nurses came in and they started doing all of my check in things. Asking me lots of questions about my medical history and prior surgeries, etc. J got to work filling out some paperwork that they gave us about birth certificate information. Eventually they were hooking up my IV and telling me about the plan for my induction. They would not be starting me on pitocin right away. The plan was to give me cervidal, which is basically inserted inside you and is used to help "ripen" your cervix, making is softer and more ready for labor and contractions (and hopefully helping you to dilate a little bit more). The medicine is on a string which basically hangs out like a tampon. Yes, this sounds weird, but I was just going with it. My doctor is the boss so even though I do not know what exactly it is, I have to trust...

They inserted the cervidal, gave me an ambien and let me sleep for the night. The plan was to leave it in for 10-12 hours and let it do its job, and then see from there what the next steps were. The ambien was in case I was suffering from discomfort from the cervidal. It would help me relax and get some sleep when I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed. J also wanted an ambien, but as a non-patient, they were not giving him one. So he pulled out the little pull out chair got we got comfortable for the night.


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