2 Week Post Partum - Workouts

I am still on some pretty low impact workouts. It is kind of boring, but at the same time, it is what I can do right now. I am still bleeding, which means the low impact is what my body needs and can take at this point in time. So I am going to stick with it, at least while my body is still doing it's thing...  Once things get all the way recovered, then I can kick it up. We are getting close, at least that is what it seems like. Sorry, I know that might be TMI, but I am guessing that most people who read this are women and therefore they can handle it.

So anyway, this week involved 5 workouts. All of which I am proud of. They are not anywhere near where I used to be, but when you are only 2 weeks past baby, you do everything that you can and manage to survive.

Monday: walking with Karen 2.76 Miles
Tuesday: full body circuit - outlined in a previous post
Wednesday: walking with Mom 2.74 Miles
Thursday: walking with Mom 4.05 Miles
Friday: walking with Karen 4.5 Miles
Saturday: pseudo-rest day. Walked around the Taste of Blue Ash (baby wearing!)
Sunday: rest day, mostly, with some core/ab work (much needed!)
Totals: 1 circuit workout, all strength workouts (stroller pushing is tough stuff!), and 14.1 miles walked not including a potential additional mile walked at the taste. And all walks were done with some pretty great company. I know that soon I will be walking by myself a few times a week, and maybe with Karen a few other times.

When we went to the Taste, I put Addie in the ergo carrier for the first time. We used the infant insert and the little hood to keep her protected from the sun. It was comfortable to wear and definitely easy to have her on me like that. It was quite comfortable. I definitely will be using it more and more in the coming months, I think, because it was just nice to have free hands and still have her close to me like that. I think she enjoyed it as well. I plan to use it around the house a little bit more as well. I will be able to get some things done having my hands free (like cook and fold laundry) that I have felt unable to do previously.

I am considering planning out my week's workouts for this week. It is hard because things vary so much day to day with me. But I would like to get in at least 10 miles, and two strength workouts. That is my start to a plan, I guess. I feel like I cannot 100% commit to a plan just yet, with so much unknown going on with Addie.
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