10 Days Old

So Addison is about 10 days old now, which is hard to believe. In addition, I have been home from the hospital for more than a week now. I think that is hard to believe at this point. I definitely have all of the days running together at this point because of lots of lack of sleep. She is not back to her birth weight yet, so I am feeding constantly. Every two hours, in fact, even over night. I am waking her at night to feed her, setting my alarm clock all the time to try and get up 5-6 times at night to get her a good amount of feeding. It has been tough, but it will be worth it.

I think soon we will be able to create a little bit more of a schedule, and I can let her sleep at night a little bit more. I feel guilty waking her (and I hate waking myself and J and my dogs!) and so I am hoping that we are able to get through this hump very soon. We have another weight check tomorrow at the pediatrician. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we are still gaining gaining gaining! I am working really hard to get us there, and no one has mentioned supplementation at this point, so I am proud of the progress we are making.

But enough sad stuff...  Here are some great pictures of Addie!

Back to more normal posting soon. Thanks for bearing with me while I adjust to being a new mommy!


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