Weekend Plans & and Walk

Honestly, I am feeling pretty good this week overall. My patience is beginning to wear thin, wondering, "When is she going to get here?' but other than that, I think I am doing pretty well! I definitely have some things to get done this weekend that are cleaning related and stuff. Nothing that is mandatory, before she comes, of course, but things that will be nice to complete before she gets here. I want to swiffer all of the floors on the first floor, dust everything, assemble the stroller... J wants to use the carpet cleaner on the stairs, do yardwork, clean out the cupboards... I also have a baby shower to attend for my Atlanta-living bestie who will be in town for the first time in FOREVER.
Jess and I, plus the husbands, on her wedding day. It's fun to think that we need to get a picture of us this weekend and we'll both be mega-preggo. So I guess that means we need to take one?

Yesterday, because of the lovely weather, I chose to get outside and walk at lunch, rather than the original plan of hitting the gym. It really was pretty much perfect out, so I am glad that I made that decision! I downloaded RunKeeper to my phone (as it works with the GymPact app that I have been using for a while now), and decided to use that for this workout.
Those are some of the stats collected from my first workout using this app! I like it, I think, potentially BETTER than runtastic, and I have the pro version of that one. I just feel like maybe it is a little bit more user friendly in seeing the data (like above) than the other app.

So yes, I am clearly not moving quite so quickly these days, but that is fine with me. After all, I am nearly to my due date! I have to continuously remind myself that, which is why I keep writing it here, because I sometimes feel disappointed in myself that I am not quite so speedy as I was! Plus I have potentially reached "waddle" status as of now. I haven't really watched myself walking all that much, but with the way my hips are feeling, I would say I am there.

Any fun plans this weekend? Or are you just cleaning like me?


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