Trying to Induce Labor (naturally)

On Monday, I started timing what I assume are contractions. Like I said yesterday...  I am not sure what a contraction feels like, but I hit "start" on my phone app when everything tightens up. Is it a real contraction or just Braxton Hicks? I have no idea. But either way, I am starting to track it. It cannot hurt, I suppose. Right?

Things have definitely been random so far, which I guess just means it's false labor at this point. Bummer. I mean, I have been having some "tightening", but no kind of regular intervals or anything. J is constantly asking me, so I figured I could start doing the tracking thing, so I at least have something to tell him when he asks.

I had lunch with my friend Lara. We went out for Mexican, which if you hadn't noticed, is pretty much my most favorite food, and Addie's too! But that was good, since J so rarely likes to go out for Mexican (he is NOT a fan!) and so I got to have some without worrying about him and whether or not he was enjoying his meal. Lara brought her diaper genie as well, which she was giving me since Melody has "outgrown" it now that she is 4. So it is a nice thing to have for us, since we do not have one, and we even had a good place for it to go!

When I got home from work last night, I decided that another little date with my girl crush was in order. I am still really hoping that her squats, lunges and jumping will help Miss Addie slide down a little further (I am definitely still carrying a little bit high!) and get this show on the road. Unfortunately, nothing yet. Bummer. Instead I am left snuggling with my favorite guy who seems to know that something strange is going on in his house...
Both dogs have been extra cuddly to their momma over the past week. This is a major change from the "Dad is always 100% our favorite." While they will still come to him if he calls (not so much to me), they do snuggle with me at night, and Teek (definitely loves dad best) will always put her paw up on my leg even if she is laying next to dad, which is a big change!

He did pee on the floor in Addie's room however. The pup who no longer has accidents wanted to make sure everyone knows this is his house, I guess? We have not yet figured out what kind of boundaries we will have with the two of them and Addie, but I would like for everyone to be close and get along. We will see how that works out once she is actually here. I think it is hard to determine that stuff right now, since I have no idea how they will react to her yet.


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