The Middle of the Week - OFF Tomorrow!

I don't know that I have ever in my life been more relieved to have a day off work. It's not like all of the dreading and rolling to get to Friday. This is like the highest stress, most needed day off ever. I have had a stressful and overwhelming week. It is strange, it is close here at the office, but I am kind of an outside participant this time, which feels very strange. My temp started last Friday and I am kind of letting him go at it alone so he can learn the job. I have been reviewing and stuff, and keeping up with bank related tasks because we have not transitioned those over to my cohort, Tina, yet.

I also hope to be here for another month (well, maybe 3 weeks?) so I am taking my time teaching some new things, so I can continue to HAVE work at least for right now. I know that by the end, I am likely to be doing nothing. I guess that is just the way it is for right now.

I am now through 11 sessions of physical therapy of the 12 that I had booked. My doctor wants me to have 18, and my insurance approved 20. The 12th session is on Friday after the holiday. I assume that we will schedule a few more at that time, and maybe move to two a week, but she might want to wait until I see Dr. Penix next Tuesday and he can check out my progress report at that time, etc. I guess I will find out on Friday what the new plan is! I know that I am making some progress, even though it does not feel as fast or as natural as I might want it to. But progress is progress, and when Addie gets here I will be good to go with holding her, etc.

So, funny story. I know I post pictures here of Zeus all the time because he is my favorite little guy. I was feeling guilty about neglecting Teek, and decided to try and get some pictures of her while she was cuddled up next to me on the couch last night. Here is the resulting photo.
Oh hey Zeus! Did you want your picture taken? He was jumping all over me. But I did finally get a picture of Teek.
What a nice girl...


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