Some Preggo Workouts Recently

Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and have ZERO desire to STOP working out (but also have zero desire to walk for an hour anymore... it's too hot!) I have been trying to come up with some Jillian-esque circuit workouts, similar to my beloved 30DS (which I am doing about twice per week with modified/standing abs that mostly work the obliques as anything "crunch-like" clearly cannot happen right now!). Just a keep going, non-stop, cardio, strength, quick set that lasts about 25 minutes. I am still using just my 5 lb dumbbells, but I am finally starting to feel like my right tricep is regaining some strength that it lost from being jacked up for a while due to being in a sling from a displaced bone. (Wow, that was one heck of a description!) So I am confident that I will be at full strength soon!

On Tuesday night, I made up the following workout and completed it after I got home from the office:
The whole thing took me about 25 minutes. I have stopped worrying about jumping exercises as long as they don't cause me any pain (they have not been) as I am a-ok to give birth at any time now, and that is why I was nervous originally. So if I am having hip or lower back pain, I ease up, if not, full steam ahead!

Yesterday, I made the decision that it was WAY TOO HOT to walk at lunchtime, which was my original workout plan. So I decided to stay in the office for lunch (giving me an extra working hour) and leave a little bit earlier to go home, giving me a bit of extra time before I headed to therapy. When I got home, I hammered through my 27 minute (including warm up/cool down) 30DS and felt pretty good when it was done. Once again, wall pushups in place of the regular, as I am not sure that I trust my right arm to support half of me right now. I think I will be ready to try that AFTER Addie is born. So, just in case it collapses on me, I don't crush a baby!

Today I decided to do something that I haven't done since I broke my elbow. GO TO THE GYM. I was just going to do cardio today, and it was once again SO HOT OUTSIDE so I decided to hit the elliptical instead.
After 45 minutes on the elliptical at a really nice clip, I was sweaty and felt awesome.
Post workout in non-maternity workout clothes. Thank goodness for Addie still sitting up high so I can wear my normal shorts (they are a little tight in the legs. I have definitely gained a bit of inner thigh pudge, but we'll take care of that soon enough!) 

So far this week I have worked out 4 times! 


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