Shhh.... I "RAN"

Ya'll may be unlikely to believe this, but as part of yesterday's workout (4.25 miles in 1 hour + a half mile walk doing laps around my building), I RAN. I didn't run the whole thing, nor did I run quickly, but there was more than a mile of running in total in my hour long workout. There actually ended up being close to 2 miles run. :) I am pretty pleased, if I do say so myself! Here was the time I spent on the treadmill after work yesterday.
6.0 felt pretty good. I feel heavy with every single step, but I guess that is because I am almost 30 lbs heavier than when I started this journey! Also, don't tell the hubs I was running, even if it was only for 2.5 minutes at a time! Oh, and 38+ since that is where I am hanging out preggo-wise right now.

Today is not going to be a day for the treadmill. That length of time definitely made these hips sore, and she is definitely lower today than yesterday, so I have a feeling today will be more of a strength day! Wish me luck.


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