Real Life Lifting

Yesterday was a pretty big freaking deal, at least I thought so. I actually "strength trained" with my 5 lb weights! Yes, its not my 15-20s that I was using, but I did it. I sweat like a beast (was it just that tough? or is that baby related?) I am at that point in my pregnancy where I am definitely starting to question the things that I can or cannot do because "what if it makes the baby come". So even though I think I could have handled the 30 Day Shred yesterday (well, modifying abs and doing wall pushups instead of the regular), I wasn't sure if the jump style of the cardio was a good plan.

So I skipped cardio yesterday and chose to lift instead. Here is the workout I did (and am obscenely proud of myself for completing!)
Wall pushups are tough on my elbow, but I am working on them consistently and I hope to move them back to girlie pushups and regular pushups once Addie arrives and I am ready to get back to exercise again! It took me right around 30 minutes to complete this full body workout and I knew it was a good one because Teek was licking the salty sweat off of my face! (Don't you judge a good workout by your dog trying to give you kisses?)

It poured for pretty much the entire day here in Cincinnati, yesterday, which is unfortunate because I like to think of the 4th as the biggest play outside and have a cookout day of the entire year! J and I managed to sneak outside for about 20 minutes in the evening to grill some corn and burgers. I guess that is better than nothing. Turns out, EVERYONE loves corn on the cob!
Oh my goodness. They were hilarious picking the kernels right off. J was not worried about it being good for them or not "since their food is full of corn anyway." They LOVED it. It was sweet enough that it didn't even need any butter, so we weren't worried about that.

Our burgers and corn on the cob is pretty much all we had for 4th of July celebrating with all of the rain. We are both working today, so we didn't go see any fireworks. The big Cincinnati fireworks are actually held off until Labor Day, so Blue Ash (the suburb we live in) has the big ones for the 4th. So we could easily hear them when we were in bed, but that was it. I am glad that they still had them, especially because they always bring in a pretty big/popular band from the 70s for a free concert. We have had Peter Frampton, Kenny Rogers, Huey Lewis and the News, and Foreigner in the years we have lived here. This year was Foreigner. We actually attempted to go the the Peter Frampton show that first summer, but it was DREADFULLY hot, and SO crowded. From then on we resorted to hanging in the backyard where you can at least still see some of the fireworks.

Did you go see fireworks last night? Or are you lame and sleeping just like J and I?


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