Lack of Nesting?

I am trying to get this entry written today (Friday) and it will be posted on Saturday. I guess I probably need to get things going to have things comfortable and secure just in case a baby decides to visit us in the near future. I HOPE a baby decides to visit us in the near future.

I had my 38 week appointment on the 4th day of the 38th week. I am still hanging out at 1 cm dilated. The doctor is fairly certain that I am going to make it to my next appointment which is scheduled for next Friday morning. So that sort of stinks, but I guess you never know. I told Jess that this morning, and she said that her sister found out that she was only 1 cm on Friday and she gave birth on that very Sunday, so I guess it can happen.

I am starting to wonder if maybe this nesting thing is kicking in? I am having a lot of anxiety right now that I am not at home doing things there. I went home for lunch, saw Teek, ate lunch, did a quick once over on the floor with a swiffer, put away a few things, took out the garbage, broke down some cardboard boxes and took them out to the recycling bin, picked up our dream dinners for the month (and placed the next month's order for us!), and got those put away. My Friday afternoon lunch was spent doing some quick cleaning and eating, not going to the gym, walking or working? So weird.

Is that what nesting is? I don't really feel like cleaning. At all, I am terrible at it. I usually just half clean things, because I don't have the attention span to be very good at cleaning, which makes J bonkers. Is anyone else like that?

All right, so it is Monday now, and I had all of the above written and did not TOUCH my laptop all weekend, so pretty much did nothing with it. I am a little disappointed in myself, since I want to keep up with the blog when I am out with the baby, but maybe I just needed the weekend to relax a little since I don't know when the time will come that I will be able to relax any time soon? I did do some cleaning this weekend, although definitely not as much as I originally intended to do. Oh well, I guess.

So far (3 days in), J and I have stuck to our meal plan, which I wrote up to get us through my due date. J says if we get through all of those meals on my list I will most likely go crazy in the process (and he is very likely correct). But at the same time, I know it is good for us to do that, and I am pleased and proud that we are eating out MUCH less than we used to (only once last week, on Saturday night!) The dream dinner thing is really good for us, I think. On the menu for tonight? A dream dinner (bacon swiss burgers with steak fries) and most likely side salads.  Yumm-o!

In other news, today I am 39 weeks pregnant. I have only 1 week remaining until lil Addison Rose's due date, although I continue to hope she will be here sooner than that. I am just ready to get this show on the road. And maybe she will, but right now, I have no idea if I am actually experiencing contractions/labor signs or not. J asks me all the time (at least 4x/day) if the bb is coming (and yes, in his texts he just says bb. How is bb? Is bb coming?) and I just tell him no, because I feel a-ok. But who knows? I could be (likely am?) experiencing some contractions and I just don't know it. People say, oh you'll know, but my coworker with a high pain tolerance (like me) said she had no idea even when she was in active labor, other than the fact that she could see she was having one on the monitor at the hospital.
My typical in the bathroom at the office bump shot, which pretty much looks like every other bump shot we have over the last...  however long I have been taking these stupid things. C'mon baby! Let's go!


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