Kona Kase - Endurance Nutrition: A Review

Recently, I received an email from Kona Kase offering me an opportunity to receive one of the monthly subscription boxes that they produce in exchange for a review. I accepted, as I have been interested in Kona Kase for several months now, since seeing a review another blog.

Note: I received this box at no cost to me in exchange for this review. I have received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

 Here are some details about the Kase from their website:
  • monthly subscriptions start at $15 per month - discount available if you order multiple months (+free  shipping!)
  • the Kase includes endurance nutrition samples delivered right to your door!
  • Soon you will be able to go to the Kona Kase site to buy the full sized products!
I have been looking forward to getting the box for a while (almost started a subscription at least a half dozen times), so I was definitely going to open the box right away.
Pictured is the list of products included, along with some coupon codes (if you want to go to their websites and order them in full size packages) and I started unpacking the box.
First thing I pulled out of the box were caveman cookies.
I have eaten one of these so far. It was pretty sweet, but not really sugar sweet. It was kind of more of a honey taste to me. I think I might be ordering some of these, using the coupon code that was in my box! I am saving the other one for J, I know he likes to try things too.

  • body glove surge
  • chia bar
  • granola
I have not tried any of these items yet.They are in the cabinet waiting. The body glove surge is a gel, so I am going to save that for once I get back to training. The granola and chia bar are likely on next week's snack/breakfast list.
  • Pro Bar Bolt - energy chews
  • Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit trail mix
  • Garuka Bars
I gave J the chews as well as the trail mix. These are usually his favorite things. He has tried them both for snacks yesterday. He loved them. He has already started doing research on where to buy the Pro Bar chews. :) That makes me smile. I ate the Garuka bar for breakfast this morning. It had peanuts and was honey based. I would buy these again if I found them at Whole Foods or something.

Perky Jerky...  I gave this to J as well. He loved it.

If you are interested in trying Kona Kase yourself, check out www.konakase.com. For $5 off your first month, enter the code GIFTSUMMER at check out!


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