In Office Baby Shower!

Thanks for all of the love on my post Monday about being full term. It is super hard for me to believe that I have come this far, and every day I start to feel more and more nervous to be honest, just since I am playing the waiting game now. It is kind of fun but scary!

On Monday I was feeling a little bored and ready to add a few miles to July, which is seriously lagging behind all prior months. Recently, knowing I have just been walking, I have not even been packing gym clothes for work, even though I am frequently working out at lunch. Walking apparently makes me lazy like that? But on Monday, knowing it was going to be sweltering outside, I had packed shorts and a tank top. Regular, non-maternity (!!!) shorts and a tank top. My Rogas ride low enough that I can still wear them, even in my regular size and my ViewSport tank has a good amount of give to it, so that works preggo as well!

I set out with plans to go about 3 miles, had my runtastic app ready to go, and was figuring I would be out about 45 minutes. I got bored. And I started jogging. I just set myself small little fartlek-y type goals. Run from the black mailbox to the brown one three houses down. Run to that street sign, etc. My legs actually felt BETTER to jog than they did to walk. Maybe my stride is better than I thought it was? I can always hope, with my return to running looming in a distance...

About 2.25 miles in, I got a text from my boss. He wanted to know if I was out walking, and could I come in? Immediately, I started feeling nervous. I mean, when your boss wants to see you right away, you feel nervous, you can't help it. Now, because our building is a quarter mile around it, lots of people just walk laps around it for their lunch time exercise. I have been big on this myself, but on this day, I actually was away from the office, over by the lake that I have posted pics of previously. I told him I was about 10 minutes out, and wanted to know if there was some kind of accounting emergency or something. (J text me last week about an accounting emergency, which I laughed at. Now here I am asking about one myself!) He said no, no big deal, just come back. So I did. Upon arrival (before showering, changing, etc) I was greeted with this:
A beautiful cake with sparkly pink mary janes (real shoes!) on top from my coworkers. They had planned a little in office baby shower for me! (Ok, TINA planned a little in office shower for me, but lots of others contributed!) We had a small container of pulled chicken and bbq on the side from city bbq as the main dish (other than this cake, which I believe to be a main dish) and some other coworkers contributed side dishes like pasta salad, a veggie flatbread, etc. And they all chipped in and got us a gift card to Buy Buy Baby as well! We are planning on using that to purchase the Pack-n-Play for travel to Toledo, etc.

A HUGE thank you to my coworkers (if they see this!) for the super surprise on Monday!


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