Full Term TODAY!

I am officially full term as of today. 37 weeks, which is very difficult for me to believe. Or easy to believe... definitely still trying to figure it all out. Regardless, little Miss Addie is welcome to show her face any time now and we know that she will be great!
That is a nice fresh picture from the work bathroom (site of nearly ALL bump pics) this morning. To note... wedding rings are ON, flip flops are the best shoes, and ankles are VERY minimally swollen. All good things.

As I think I mentioned in an entry last week, I was measuring a little small, so they scheduled me for an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok. I was a little nervous, although likely NOT as nervous as J was about this, because my mom said she had that same situation with me! She was measuring small around 35-36 weeks, so she had an ultrasound, they estimated I was actually BIG, and then I was born 50 minutes past my due date (aka, on time, pretty much). So that had me rather reassured. Regardless, we had the ultrasound on Friday and J left work to be at the appointment with me!
After checking things out and measuring my fluid levels, etc, I was told that she is in there, perfectly comfy, head down (woo hoo!) and about 6 lbs. Basically, my doctor said that it is likely that she and I are just little. No issues or anything, we are just both pretty small! She anticipated Addie being about 6lbs 10oz-ish at delivery. Of course, there is no way to predict this, but that was her thought based on experience.

I am like 98% sure based on seeing her that she is going to have a full head of dark hair like Rachel (my sis) and I both had. Look at that little nose! Omg. SO EXCITING!

After the ultrasound, J and I both were feeling good, so he returned to work, and I went home to finish my work day. I also had a PT appointment later in the afternoon and I received my new robo-arm.
Yes, it is green. Yes, it is heavy, and no it is not pinned to my arm (someone on facebook asked me that) thank goodness. There is a crank on it, and the crank helps to straighten out the arm. I have gotten it to about 5* and held there for about 15 minutes so far. But in reality, I am not 100% sure what it is doing, or really, IF it is doing what I think it is doing. I am not sure if it is actually straightening or if the cuffs are just squeezing the hell out of my arm. Haha. I am sure it is helping at least a little bit, anyway. So I wear it for one hour at a time, three times per day. Basically, so far, it sucks, and it hurts. But I will keep on keeping on because anything that is going to help me get better, I feel like I need to do!

And then there is this guy:
He was feeling incredibly apologetic after getting yelled at for peeing in his daddy's lap (haha).


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