Could it be Now? Today?

Another day of being in the office. The baby has not decided to make an appearance just yet. Could today be the day? I am not sure, but I really hope so. I am not feeling well today. My head is a little bit floaty, my stomach is not feeling all that awesome, my hips and back are hurting, all of the silly things that are going on. I am not sure if those are signs of impending labor, but I am definitely hoping so. Regardless, I have a feeling that today is going to be a long day.

Yesterday I went to the gym at lunchtime. I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes, which was a pretty good workout. It got nice and sweaty, but it was a fun time. It was extra interesting because there was a girl who was around 29-30 weeks pregnant on the elliptical next to me. That definitely drew the attention of the other gym patrons and employees. One of the employees (a MUCH - late 60s - older trainer) stopped by to chat with us for a few minutes, which is how I found out how pregnant she is. That was kind of a fun experience, and I like to think that other people at the gym were pleased to see how active we are at whatever stages in our pregnancy.
There I am in the usual work mirror after my workout. All of the clothes that I am wearing are non-maternity clothes that just have a little bit of give to them. That viewsport tank is awesome for stuff like that. I was hoping that the elliptical would help to jostle the baby down a little bit so we could get this show on the road, and she could come, but no such luck.

Yesterday I stuck with our dinner plans once again. I know that J is potentially impressed, but at the same time, I think that he finds it strange that I am so adamant about sticking to the plan until we go into labor. But I am really pleased about having a plan and feeling comfortable with it. I have tonight's dinner in the crock pot. We are going to have some barbacoa (well, not really because I am using pork loin instead of pork belly) as tacos on hard shells. Yumm-o!

Yesterday I wrote what I thought was my final stack of thank you notes. But I was wrong.
One of my coworkers made this little diaper cake for me. :) I am happy with it, and it makes me smile to know how much my coworkers care about and love me. I am going to miss them while I am out, so hopefully, I get a few chances to pack her up and bring her in to see my coworkers.

I am not really feeling anything in the way of contractions, etc, at this point, but things are definitely starting to feel. I am definitely getting scared. I am scared about labor and delivery and I am scared about being a mom as well. To  current moms out there, is this fear normal? When does it go away and get replaced with excitement?


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