Circuit Training - Modified

As I know that walking is honestly starting to hurt my legs (the swelling has started, not to mention 25 lbs is absolutely having an impact!), I was hoping to find some kind of circuit training workout online yesterday that would incorporate strength and cardio. Lots of my fave bloggers post workouts like this all the time, so I started and found success with Tina.
Thank you Tina for the cool/pinnable image!

However, with the state that I am in (36+weeks, along with an elbow that cannot support the heavier - or heck, even the lighter! - version of me) I chose to modify it to work for me. That's what you have to do, right? So here is MY version of the above.
So thank you to Tina for a solid full body workout that I was able to adjust for myself to work even though some of my abilities are currently limited!

I did 5 full rounds and it took me just over a half hour. I used my 5 lbs dumbbells on all of the exercises that were not cardio. It was a solid workout, and I absolutely was a sweaty mess by the time that I was through all 5 rounds! It will be a repeat one in it's real state once I am able to do it fully!

Did you workout yesterday?


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