An Ultrasound and a Brace

I sent my husband a text. It says "Is it weird that I feel guilty if I am not logging miles (even walking) even though I am doing some kind of workout every single day? Why is that? Why do I feel guilty?" And that is absolutely the truth. I feel guilty because I have legs that are sore, that hurt when I walk more than a half mile these days, and therefore walking even is potentially not a good plan. I have been tired, therefore not getting up at 4:35 in the morning, so I have not been making it to the gym, so the elliptical has been out as well.

Yesterday was a little bit more of the same. I did a strength circuit, lower body, that I found on Tina's website. Thank you again, Tina, for providing a burning lower body workout that will likely help me deliver in a few short weeks, not to mention got my legs and glutes burning yesterday.

Today is another day of physical therapy. It is also the day that I am getting my brace. It is coming in this morning, and the guy that works for the company is meeting me about a half hour prior to my therapy appointment to make any adjustments to it that he needs to so it fits me perfectly and he will be showing me how to use it, lock it into place, and set it to continuously put light pressure on my arm so it continues working on the extension that I definitely need more help with. So I have high hopes that wearing it for several hours every day will help get my full range of motion back and I will stop thinking about my elbow. Seriously, I think about it right now almost as much as I think about Addie!

FYI - the baby app, it says Addie is a watermelon right now. Holy smokes. I must have a seedless watermelon, because those are a little smaller, right? At least, that is how I feel. She cannot be that big, right? I am definitely a little bit nervous about it as it gets closer and closer to being real. But I guess that is legit, I would imagine that most moms to be, regardless of how nervous or excited they are about being moms, are nervous about the actual delivery part. I mean, its a painful thing!

OOO!!! Other fun big news...  J and I have an ultrasound scheduled today for 11:15 am. Last week when I went to the doctor, I was measuring small (which the doctor thought was kind of strange since I had been measuring dead on since the beginning), so they decided to do an ultrasound, basically to confirm that maybe she was just a little smaller and that there was no constriction of growth. The doc also thought it was possible that she was just measuring slightly different since I had been right on track and I have gained appropriate weight (I am at around 26 lbs). I am looking forward to getting to see her and see how different she is looking right now compared to 19ish weeks, which was the last time we got to see her (and didn't even know it was a her until two days later at the party!)

I am working from home today because of these two appointments that will be taking up such a large portion of my day. In addition to the appointments, I hope to get a little bit of cleaning done in my room, and a little bit of a circuit workout or something in.


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