A Baby Update

So I was 35 weeks preggo yesterday. I would guess that if the baby started coming they still might try and get her to stop, but that will not happen for too much longer! Eiii! Hard to believe! Here I am at 35 weeks and one day (yep, office bathroom selfie!)
Yes, I am definitely feeling pregnant (also known as gigantic!) and quite uncomfortable at this point. I am ready to keep moving on with this process so I can start to feel normal in my own skin. It is not as bad as I necessarily expected it to be, because it seems to be very obvious that I am mostly all baby. Yes, there are some additional fat stores (love handles and inner thighs come to mind) but if you looked at me from behind I would look "normal", so that signals to me that my body does know what it is doing, and this will be fine once she is here and I will get my body back to normal. Hopefully comfortably.

I did get a nice shot (thanks to Leah!) of me with the girls who planned my rainbow shower! I am eternally grateful to them for the wonderful time they showed me, all of the beautiful decorations (several of which I kept - I am thinking RAINBOW FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!), the wonderful food, and helping me get all of my local friends together in one place!
I figured the chevron dress was most shower appropriate, since it seems like you are supposed to wear a dress, and this one is MUCH more colorful than the black one I wore to my Toledo shower! However, it definitely gives me ZERO shape. I understand that I have a gigantic bump that is changing my shape, but I guess i would expect a slight in right under my chest before the bump. I feel like I have that in my shirt that I am wearing today (wow, hyper critical?) In order, for those we haven't had pictures of yet... Leah, Karen, me, Katie, and Angela (my SIL). Everyone looks so sunny and bright colored in this picture, I love it!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!


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