38 + 1 - Stress City

Like I said yesterday...  yes, I am still here today. No further progress of note as far as baby goes, and we are definitely at work today, and just hanging in there. Part of me is really ready to progress, and the other part of me is scared out of my mind for the time coming when we have to get going. I obviously have no choice on either matter at this point in time, so I guess I should probably just take a deep breath and accept the inevitable. Addie will come when she is good and ready, regardless of whether I am ready or not.

I get a text from my mom every day asking for pictures of the nursery. I have actually yet to take any of these pictures, so none for her, and none for you all as well. I probably really do need to take some pictures, but at the same time, I kind of feel like what's the point? She is going to be here any day now, and then my mom will be here! Right? Last night while getting kicked (I don't think Addie is particularly comfortable when I am laying on my left side. I get WAY more kicks then than any other time!), I was thinking...  "If I go into labor tonight (or any night) in the middle of the night, I am not calling my mom until 6 am." Honestly, I love her, but she should NOT be driving late at night. She just can fall asleep way too easily! (If you are reading this, Mom, sorry, but it is TRUE!)

We had some interesting news at work at the end of last week. My boss is leaving to go to another company. He will likely be leaving when I am out for the baby. Well, I would say that it is guaranteed at this point that he will be leaving then. I honestly hope that they struggle to find a replacement so that I can be involved in the selection, and I won't be surprised when I return from maternity leave. I think it would be very strange to return to a brand new boss. I am honestly rather uncomfortable with the whole thing. Plus, in a lot of ways, this would have been my opportunity to really step up and move into a more managerial role, which is what I have been trying to figure out how to do for about two years now. And now, my opportunity is passing me by because I will be out of work for 6 weeks.

I am leaving things here in a rather stressful space. But I guess being a mom should be enough stuff to keep my mind on without having work to worry about, right? I guess that I am going to have to relax a little if I want that to be easy and ok for transition. That will definitely be enough on my mind for a while.

I am stressing out. For sure. 


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