Workouts - they're still happening!

Today is a doctor's appointment, which means tomorrow will consist of an update on this elbow, but for today prior to the appointment, we will say that it is in the sling/splint, and I am extremely hopeful to be out of it!

Instead, let's chat about other things, happier things. Like the super cute dress that I wore yesterday. I ordered it back during a maternity sale at Old Navy but was waiting till I had bump enough to sport it. Yesterday I hit 31 weeks and wore it for the first time.
Instagram selfie. The dress is navy and teal chevron. I have never owned a maxi dress before, but pregnancy has caused me to purchase two (the black dress worn at my shower is one as well). I actually felt "cutely" pregnant in this dress, instead of like I am standing in front of a fun house mirror. But I am grateful, as my bump is ALL bump. Things are firm and nothing jiggling. Collarbones and even hipbones still visible (hipbones less so) which indicates to me that I am doing the right things to avoid unnecessary weight, but gaining what I need (I am at 20.2 lbs). I also love the Teek photobomb. See her on the floor there?

Awesome thing number 2. I am participating in a squat challenge for the month of June started by fellow #sweatpink ambassador Nicki. Here is our schedule for the month.
Today is Day 4, however, I did 50 squats to pick up day 1 as I missed it. Now, this isn't as intense as a lot of what I have been doing or want to do, but its keeping me in the swing of things and is doable with the elbow! I am not using any weight, since I can't currently hold weights, but I figure 20 extra lbs of baby and baby related stuff is a good squatting resistance! Tomorrow I have 70 squats to do!

Awesome thing number 3... I walked at lunch yesterday. My butt was a little bit tight from our long walk on Sunday, so I struggled a little and didn't keep the pace quite at 15 min/miles (my walking goal). Here's what I did!
Just a little out and back route from my office to Arby's (potty break there) and back. It was a 2.5 mile walk. I added in another 1.5 miles in laps around the building in the afternoon to make a total of 4 miles on the day (I am back at trying to get 20/week even though they are all walking now!). Here is an elevation v. pace chart.
The grey is the elevation. Cincinnati sure is fun for training! As you can see from the blue, my pace was relatively consistent overall, so I am pleased with that.

How are your workouts going? Are you involved in any June Challenges?


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