Working that 'Bow

Sometimes I feel like I am limited on things to discuss here now that running (and even most lifting!) are out of the question. I don't want to turn this into a food blog (I am a terrible photographer) or a baby blog (although you will definitely get your fill of pictures of her once she is here!) so I am just biding my time and doing the workouts that I CAN do until I have something more interesting to discuss. I suppose my PT workout should suffice?

Yesterday was my 4th official PT appointment with Carmen. Brandon (one of the other therapists - they all help each other out) came and got me started because Carmen was stretching someone. It seems they use e-stim on some people and physical touch on others. Because of the baby, I am a physical touch person, which I like. Brandon sat me down at the pulleys for my warm up and set the timer for 5 minutes. The pulleys are basically a rope dangling from a hook on the wall with a handle on each side. I use my left arm to basically pull up on my right arm and work on straightening it out.

SourceThat is all that it is, but I love it, and I always feel like my exercises go better after 5 minutes with it than they do at home, which tempts me to buy a stupid pulley for $8-ish for my house. But then by the time it arrives, will I be done with PT? I have no idea.

After the pulley, I typically head over to the wall to do my work over there. I do wall v's and wall walks with my right arm, just trying to work on the extension. 1 set of 15 of each of those. Then they give me the bar, completely unweighted (basically PVC pipe with ends on it) and do 15 bicep curls really to focus on the bend, and then overhead raises to work on my extension some more. I use my left hand to help encourage the right to do what it it supposed to. Since having the surgery, my back feels really crunchy. Does that make sense at all to you? It like makes creaky crunchy noises as I do my curls. I get to do two sets of 10 wall pushups now, which ALMOST makes me feel like myself again, but they are HARD and hurt the bow.

After that, I head over to the table to do some weighted exercises. They work my wrist and forearm, which I have learned definitely affects my elbow indirectly. I also have to do a grip exercise. As I mentioned in a previous post, my grip was much more effected by this than I thought it could be, so I do some grip exercises using this lovely little tool.
I basically do the exercises that is being shown here. It is called a Power Web or a thera-web (it depends on who you ask!) I start with my fingers spread out in the holes and try to pull it together. I also start with my finger tips in the holes to spread it apart. The second one is even harder for me because I have double jointed knuckles. So my hand/fingers sometimes lock into place and that is awkward. After a few more things (that vary from session to session) I sit in my stool and Carmen rubs my elbow and works on manually straightening and bending it. This is painful to me as well. But I know she is pleased with my progress, so I just grin and bare it!

At the end of my appointment (AKA after about 45 minutes of torture), I get iced down for 10 minutes. I truly LOVE this part of my appointment and look forward to it every single session. Like I said one day last week, ice is magical!

Have you gone through PT? If it was an arm injury, did you do some of these exercises?


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