Weekend Recap - A Good One

I always feel guilty when my weekend gets away from me and I don't blog and I don't even take any pictures with my phone. I didn't even take any pictures of the fun stuff I did this weekend, which is really lame, because there were things! I guess I will have to settle for telling you about the weekend rather than showing you, since there is absolutely NOTHING to show!

Friday was my third day of PT and the day that I was looking forward to all week, because that is what you do when you work a Monday-Friday job! PT was late in the day, so I planned on just going home after it and finishing out my work day there. I do feel like I am making some progress while I am there, which feels good to me, but at the same time, I can tell that I have a really long way to go. My mobility is definitely not there yet, as much as I am trying and working hard to get there. I know that the swelling that I still am experiencing (although it gets less and less every week!) does not help.

Friday night, J and I had a date night. We went to the Mexican place pretty close to our house. When J offers Mexican, I feel I always need to take him up on that offer. Because after all, he is not a real big fan of it, and I love it.  So we went there and we even sat outside, which was great. J usually picks the bar where there is a TV, even at the Mexican place, so when he suggested we eat outside, I was thrilled. We had a nice dinner where we talked for the meal rather than playing on our phones and watching TV. I kind of feel like that is a pretty big deal for us!

Saturday started off early with J's alarm going off because he had plans to play golf. I took the dogs out and fed them and then we hung out in bed while J got ready. I went downstairs when he did though to hammer out a quick half hour on the treadmill. Yes, I only walked two miles during that time, but I was still glad to get some time on the treadmill. After that, I hit the road to run a few errands. I started at Target returning a few things that we really did not need. Baby things that we had randomly received (isn't this why we have a registry? So people will buy us the things that we really want/need?) needed to go back, even though I did not have a receipt. Out came my driver's license and I walked away with a store credit (all I really wanted anyway!)

I purchased a few things that I needed, a few things that I wanted, and a few gifts (to round out J's Father's Day gift, as well as some cute new collars for Teek and Zeus that we will give them when the baby comes so they don't feel sad. - I have no idea if a new collar works like that, but I am hoping so!) After that, I went to Kroger. Now, there is a Kroger pretty much next door to Target, but I went to one about 15 minutes away so I could go to the Little Clinic while I was there. I knew that I needed to get my T-Dap (aka whooping cough shot) and that I could get it there.

I did my grocery shopping first. This may have been a mistake. I stopped at the Clinic and got all registered and then took my groceries (including ice cream) out to my car. Then I hung out in the waiting area until I could get my shot. The shot itself only took a second and then I was on the road again. My frozen things were a little melty, but I tried not to worry about them too much. The afternoon was spent doing some cleaning and some relaxing. I was not really in the mood to do much, so the fact that any cleaning at all happened is a win in my book!

We had some friends over to cook out later that night. They arrived at our house around 7 pm. I had been looking forward to this cookout for at least a week because I had purchased stuff for s'mores and convinced J that making a fire in our firepit (which we have only used one other time!) was absolutely essential. So we ended up having a really great time, with delicious food. Everyone else was having some beers, but since I can't have any right now, I made up the missing calories in marshmallows. I think I won that round.

Yesterday was Father's Day. I didn't get to see my dad, but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to him from across the state!
(My brother Joe, Dad, me and Matt at Rachel's wedding last summer)

We did get to celebrate with J's dad however.
J and his dad have the same smile, don't they?

Have a lovely Monday!


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