Transitions and Life's Changes

Ahhh...  Friday, the start of the weekend. I celebrate it's arrival each and every week, potentially even more now that I have PT to break up the day into one larger piece (that includes lunchtime!) and a smaller piece afterward. Last week I did not even come back to the office after PT. This week, I think I will as it is almost an hour earlier, and I think it might show a little dedication (which I might have been lacking a bit over the last few weeks). Not only is it Friday, but summer arrived in Ohio at just after 1 am and so I can officially say (although it has been feeling like it for weeks) that it is summertime!

Today I want to talk about transitions in life. Obviously, my little family and I are going through a BIG one as we work to welcome our new little Addie into our lives full time. That is a big transition and it feels scary as well, but I am beginning to (finally) look forward to it. I mean, this will be a big change to our family, and getting to this point is a really big change physically. I mean, after all, here I am at 5 weeks in Las Vegas:
And here I am at 33 weeks, almost 2 weeks ago.
Pretty huge physical difference, and this does not even begin to take into account the changes that are going to happen when she is here!

I have a friend from high school, that I would definitely still consider to be very close to me, who is also going through some transitions. She is coping with a breakup as well as moving into a new house (her very first that she owns!) all at once. While her transitions are absolutely different than mine, it is awesome to watch her handle them. She seems to take everything in stride and spends every day working toward her dreams. The grace and poise with which she is moving forward with her life is something I admire and strive to attain in my own life.

I have another friend, someone who is physically closer to me, who is transitioning from her life in the corporate 9-5 (or in her case, frequently 7-7!) world to being a SAHM to her two boys. Again, a different transition than my own, but a transition none the less. And a difficult one, I would guess. I, mentally, am not sure that I would be up to that challenge, but at the same time, when she was in my shoes, I am not sure that she felt that she would be up for it either, but I know that right now, she is treasuring every minute that she gets to spend with her two boys! :)

Obviously J is going through similar transitions to I, in that he is going to be a father soon! But he is handling it far better than someone else in our house is going to, I am afraid.
That is Teek's favorite place. They call this "giving hugs". Not sure how she will react to a new little girl laying there instead of her! We are hoping that J or one of my parents will be able to come to our house while I am still in the hospital with a blanket for Teek and Zeus to check out that Addie slept in (and they can grab a shower or whatever!) and that will help them adjust early! But we will see how it all works out.

Are you going through any transitions in your life?


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